Monday, October 10, 2016

Giving Thanks

Sorry (but not sorry) for the long hiatus.  I thought I was long overdue to update this blog, especially for those who happen to fall upon it without knowing our family and end up wondering about the ending.

Well….we have been busy…..LIVING.  Huge ecstatic smiles right here!

I thought it was appropriate to post an update today, (Canadian) thanksgiving day, as that is what I am – so thankful!

Thankful for…..
  • Being able to live in (happy, crazy, busy) chaos!  We had a dozen over for our 23 pound turkey (prepared for extra drop ins), additional family in and out over the weekend, and threw a Pokemon birthday party for 14 kids (9 of those were cousins)…..all without breaking a sweat.  I think back to 3 years ago when the idea of having any one single person over to our home would have given me an anxiety attack.  My heart is so full after an amazing weekend with family.
  • Thankful for a happy and healthy husband who is back to work full time, while not back in administration, he is loving teaching and I can see his passion for it!
  • Thankful for my beautiful daughter who is tougher than anyone I know!  She got her first case of needle anxiety this year after I don’t know how many pokes and prods.  She still has to get bloodwork every three months, her last visit they couldn’t do her usual finger poke since they required more blood to test her immunization levels (since treatment had destroyed previous immunizations), so they had to access her vein in her arm.  She managed, but when we then had to go for immunization boosters a month later (three shots), she understandably had a meltdown.  She managed to calm herself down and think of what she needed to do to get through it.  She is remarkable.  She is quite a bookworm and has discovered theatre this year and we are very much looking forward to watching her first production at Christmas.
  • Thankful for my happy energetic boy who just turned 5 on Friday – how did that happen?  He loves cuddles, scary things (Halloween is his jam), transformers, Spiderman and star wars.
 I still have days where I look back at those crazy couple of years and feel overwhelmed with emotion.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the support we had that got us through those years:
  • the emails/prayers
  • the hat campaign for Charlotte,
  • the yummy delivered dinners (even the 6 different lasagnas!),
  • pina-coloda delivery to the hospital, 
  • the well needed walks with girlfriends,
  • the gifts of financial support, gift cards, toys, you name it
  • the wonderful nurses and doctors,
  • those who watched Nathan for us,
  • those who drove Stefan to radiation
  • those who made us laugh (or let us cry);
  • most of all, our amazing family and friends.
I hope everyone has a fantastic thanksgiving – love us.

Labour day weekend trip to Harrison Hot Springs!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Official

Charlotte is DONE treatment!  She was technically done in July, and we have had a few mini-celebrations since then.  We celebrated in July twice, once when she had her last in hospital chemo, and again when she had her last dose of chemo.  Then we celebrated in October when Charlotte had surgery to remove her port (aka, the button).

But today - it was official!  Celebrated with an award and all!  She received her Award of bravery from her Oncologist and nurse clinician!  Pretty exciting!  It was a regular check up, which these days just means bloodwork, but was made extra special with this little award.  SO proud of my girl.

It's been a long delay since my last post.  We have just been busy being a normal family.  I will say, I am so thankful and appreciative of EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. that I have with my beautiful family. 

I am also very thankful for all of the amazing people in our life.  I don't know how we would have survived the last 4 years without all of you.  THANK YOU.

Charlotte with her amazing oncologist and nurse!

Nathan wasn't forgotten, he received an Oncology Sibling Squad award!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catch up!

A little catch up post on what we have been up to besides our super awesome wish trip since our last blog post in February!

 - No hospital visits since the stay in March just before our wish trip!
- We celebrated Easter in Sechelt
- We got another 'stable' MRI results for Stefan on April 28th! 

- Nathan is practicing to be an actor (who does his own stunts).  Here he is pretending to fall down the stairs (no one was hurt in the filming of this video). 

- Charlotte had her LAST lumbar puncture on May 12th!

 - Charlotte turned 5 and we had an actual birthday party!  I might have gone a little overboard, but totally rationalize it with the fact that her last two were at home with family!  She wanted Angry Birds theme and that's what she got.  It helped that she received a super awesome cake from Jennifer Fedje of Harmony Cakes.  We were matched up through Icing Smiles, a great charity!

Jennifer giving Charlotte her 'dream cake'!

- The weekend after her party, Charlotte was a model in Show of Styles, Kids with Smiles.  A fundraiser for Children's hospital that features kids from the hospital.  I really wasn't sure how Charlotte would do, but she thrived, and I think she was pretty proud of herself!

- Charlotte had her intro to Kindergarten, and is getting excited to start school (assuming the strike will be over in September :( )

 - Stefan participated in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, on a tandem bike with fellow survivor Mike.  It was their first time ever on a tandem, and they did 245 km in two the rain.  Crazy kids.  Stefan had the better deal, being in the back with the lovely rain shield Mike.  Way to go boys!

Amazing Team Nothing Butt Class!

Who here loves Daddy?  We do!
- We are looking forward to summer!  Charlotte's last chemo pill will be July 20th - counting down the days!